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  • Betina Vargas C & T

Coaching and Dreams

Do you feel like you can dream, but really, actually, fell so?

As children, our brains are constantly evolving, and the quantity of new information and learning experiences that we go through, are staggering. Somehow - that cientists can already explain - when we reach our maturity as human beings, our perception of time changes drastically.

What it feels to be all of the sudden, we are responsible for many tasks that are repetitive and that involve low intelectual stimulation. This pattern, is many times also extended to the activity which we call work. Is not surprising that when we finish university, or our last academic experience, time seems to fly us by.

This change in perception, can seem impossible to be avoided, because, when we have bills to pay, the needs of daily life end up taking over.

How could we dream with a trip, when we cannot get to the end of the month with some spare cash? How to persevere in a career that, at the moment, doesn’t seem to offer us any advantages?

Despite always being interested in ways to see life with in bright light, I got quite fed up with people telling me it was just a matter of changing perspective. What happens is that, when we hear this, we may feel judged and misunderstood, because is obvious that we tried to change perspectives before. So, we continue to work because we have to, paying our bills and trying to do something that gives us a bit of of pleasure…Until the day you realise that

others may no nothing about your life, but, to continue living automatically, will certainly not produce a future that is different, or better, than your present.

Maybe is not the time to prioritise (truely), maybe is already time to break free?

But the thing is, who knows when this day has come, is only you. And to act on your insights, can prove to be a confuse and difficult task.

Simplifying, we need to be in the right state of mind and in the right moment, to be able to start working on those changes. What happens is, when we have too many choices, it may be difficult to make a choice and to focus on what we really want.

But, you ask yourself, ‘then what should I do about a dream that could not be more distant to my current reality?” And I say: programme yourself.

Who has already been in touch with a credible coach or someone affected by one, knows what coaching can offer you.

Far from operating miracles, it can help you to discover or to trace, goals, and, as important, to help you on the way, using tools and credible professionals, to help you deal with the obstacles brought by life.

As someone who has gone though a coaching process as a client and ended up qualifying as a coach, I can tell you that the strategies learned and the reflections had, can help you through all your life.

There would be less aggressive or unpleasant people, if all took more care of themselves than they do of others. The human being is incredible when is in its best.




Betina Vargas

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