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How to lead an extraordinary life

You would like to change, to do better, to reach the next level… but you criticise who does it and, at the same time, doesn’t do anything differently?

Nobody here is saying that you didn’t work hard, used all of your will power and that safe bet you took didn’t demand a lot from you. The problem is that, in many cases, we received an education that values exactly that hard work, while not many of us are productive or happy. We’ve been brought us by parents who didn’t have as many choices as us and were asked to work many hours, in rigid work structures, while the world we live in now, is full of options, and values both flexibility and creativity.

Maybe we could even say that our parent's generation sacrificed their time, while our generation’s sacrifice is to feel comfortable - in other words, to feel comfortable in today’s world may be the same as to have free time, in the old days. Have you realised that before?

On the other hand, with suffering there’s no growth or evolution. That is because, our brain seeks pleasure and avoids pain. So what should we do?

Today, we have a lot of information in our reach and we know that even if the technique is important, the strategy is more. I suggest you search, until you find, a life/work strategy that will help you navigate through changes, taking risks, expose yourself, get out of your comfort zone, but that also promises what you aspire, as a result. In the process, it’s important to substitute expectations for gratitude and, also, to celebrate small victories.

Besides having a goal as inspiration, do not forget: to feel happy and positive about the future, costs the same, or less, than feeling down.



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Betina Vargas

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