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My name is Betina and I am an strategic interventionist, qualified by the Robbins-Madanes Institute.

I also hold a qualification as a personal and executive coach by the IMC Brazil , an LLM in International Commercial Law and am registered with the Brazilian Bar Association. 

Coming from an immigrant family, travelling was always part of my plans. But it was on a trip to Europe in 2005 that I have broaden my horizons and started to dream with an expat life. That decision forced me to quit my new career in Law so I could support myself financially in the UK. 

From that day forward, my life has been a mixture of hard work and grabbing the kind of good opportunities that are offered only once in a lifetime.

And it was through a coaching process that I decided to now settle in England and work with coaching. 

This work has brought me more personal growth and happiness than I could have ever imagined.

I am passionate about transforming my clients' lives, about my family, travelling and speaking other languages. I enjoy helping others and believe that knowledge is given to be shared. 

Betina Vargas

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