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With tutoring, you can deepen your understanding or fluency in the chosen foreign language, based on the level of knowledge that you already have on the subject. The sessions consist of clarifying your doubts and exercising both your strengths, as well as the areas where there is more room for improvement.

Not only that, but working at your own pace and with your own needs in mind, focus can be given to what you want to achieve by learning that language. 

Do you need to prepare for an admission exam? Are you thinking of undergoing Portuguese or Italian at your GCSEs or A-Levels? Your goal is to be able to do business in English, Portuguese or Italian? Would you like to improve your skills so you can feel at home? 

I always recommend language learning so you can enter a new culture through its front door. 

Explore your world

Coaching is a methodology that uses different tools with the goal of enhancing performance and minimising interferences. Personal and executive coaching, are designed to maximise your full potential and reach desired results, in a series of professional and private matters.

Click here to find out more about the areas I specialise in. 

Tales about those well travelled people 

Here, I tell some of the stories of my life as an expat, give practical and useful tips to the readers and bring relevant information to those who are considering an experience abroad.   

On my texts, I aim to analise the experiences I lived in this international life, extracting lessons that I've learned from what I've done well, but also, from what I could have done differently.  

Betina Vargas

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