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What does coaching for experience abroad means?

Coaching for overseas experiences means different things for different people going through that process. However, I could say, it consists of empowering the individual to make decisions about a trip (holidays, studies, career) and making sure that you follow through, until you can actually live that reality and take the best of that experience.

For example, you may want to go to Italy to do business with Italian companies. You may wish to do an MBA that will boost you career when you are back in your home country or you may take a step further, and decide to build a career abroad. You may even be moving overseas with your family and really want to make it work for all of you.

The possibilities are endless and varied, just like the life of those who dare to make a move.

I moved countries for the first time, when that wasn’t “a thing” for a middle-class girl with a possible bright future in her own Country and that meant, that I had to figure a lot out for myself. I learnt so much and now deal with the changes much better and more productively than before (I moved countries again), but, although I now treasure those great (and not so great) experiences, I know it was better when I could count on someone and, at the same time, it would have been incredible to have been able to count on a professional.

It is a really great pleasure for me to be able to coach those who are looking forward to pursue their dreams and make a contribution in another part of the world.


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